Multiple rape cases in Qalyubia, Daqahliya, Giza

Egypt, June 2014

This week saw multiple gruesome rape cases across Egypt.

Qalyubia police arrested five suspects accused of kidnapping and raping a girl for 10 hours. Another five remain on the loose.

Ten men allegedly abducted a 16-year-old girl and raped her alternately in a deserted area in al-Nabarawy and left her in bad condition. Those arrested allegedly confessed to the crime.

The victim’s father filed a report stating that his daughter was abducted and raped. The female was a passenger in a tuk-tuk with one of suspects, who then allegedly called his friends over to commit the crime.

Meanwhile, in Daqahliya, 10 suspects were arrested for allegedly raping two sisters, threatening them with guns and filming them naked. The prosecutor general remanded them into custody for four days and referred the victims to forensic doctors.

In related news, Public Prosecutor Hesham Barakat referred 13 suspects accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Tahrir Square to a criminal court.

Also, Al-Saff police arrested two suspects for allegedly raping a housewife.

Investigations showed that the criminals were neighbors of her daughter. They offered the woman a ride to her house after she left her daughter’s house. They then allegedly took her to an agricultural area and raped her alternately.

Meanwhile, South Giza prosecution referred a 35-year-old to a criminal trial for raping an 11-year-old for several hours in 6 October City, leaving her hymen no longer intact.

Police said the young girl was buying groceries from a local supermarket when the suspect pretended to be asking for directions. Allegedly, he then suddenly abducted her, took her to his own flat and raped her.

Investigators said that semen samples taken from the victim’s clothes matched those of the attacker.