Four arrested over rape, murder of woman

Uganda, December 2012

The Police in Wakiso have arrested four men in connection with the brutal rape and murder of a woman.

The four men; Richard Kwesiga 32, Joseph Mugera 33, Junior Ssenfuka, 30 and Paul Ndimubanzi all residents of Kisozi are said to be witchdoctors.

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Investigations so far indicate that the four gang raped the woman who has been identified only as Flavia of the same area, whose body was discovered in Mugera’s shrine.

The Wakiso criminal investigations boss, George Mpungu, said Flavia’s body was discovered in Mugera’s kitchen and had evidence that she had been raped as she had blood between her legs. He said investigations are ongoing.

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A Cockatoo and Its Snack

FEB. 1 2017 – Slate

Humans may be the only creatures on Earth that create complex tools like bicycles and programming languages, but a handful of our animal cousins also make and use simple tools. Chimpanzees are known to use rocks as hammers to crack nuts, and some dolphins use marine sponges to search for food along the ocean floor. Recently, the Hawaiian ‘Alalā crow was welcomed to the tool using family when some individual members of that endangered bird species used sticks to ferret out insects for feeding.

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A particularly clever avian tool user is shown at work in the above video from the Royal Society, this time a Goffin’s cockatoo. This bird isn’t just making use of a twig that is lying around. He takes raw materials ranging from larch wood to beech twigs to cardboard and custom builds tools to extend his reach. The bird uses its newly fashioned stick to retrieve a bit of food that scientists have left for it on a pedestal in a glass container.

Not shown is an unsuccessful attempt to mold beeswax into a tool. Goffin’s cockatoos “soon lost motivation to interact with this material,” researchers wrote in a paper related to the video.

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This Ancient Form Of Torture Was The Worst, Most Complicated Way To Die

Scaphism, also known simply as “the boats,” was an ancient Persian execution technique described as a torturous death by their enemies, the Greeks. It involved two boats, milk, honey, and insects, which may sound like a random assortment of items, but they all came together to form an act that was pretty much the opposite of heavenly. Just be glad you weren’t around to experience it for yourself.

The first step in performing scaphism was to strip the victim naked and fasten them between two identical row boats with their limbs sticking out.

After that, the unlucky person was force-fed insane amounts of milk and honey until they developed an explosive case of diarrhea. Then they were covered in honey (with a particular focus on the eyes, ears, mouth, face, genitals, and anus) before being left in the torture sandwich on a pond.

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While they were floating, they would be stung and bitten by various insects drawn to the honey and feces all over their bodies. The bugs would burrow into their exposed flesh, causing them to get gangrene.

The force-feeding step would sometimes be repeated daily to prevent dehydration and starvation, ultimately prolonging the torture — but victims eventually died from one of the two or septic shock.

Whoever came up with this method of torture must have been a very, very disturbed individual. Be sure to SHARE this story if you’re happy that scaphism is a thing of the past.

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